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What does residential area cabling project basically include?

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What does residential area cabling project basically include?
Latest company news about What does residential area cabling project basically include?

Residential cabling project mainly consists of panel and socket module.The sockets installed in each home room can choose different types of modules, such as category 5 modules, TV modules, optical fiber modules, audio-visual modules, etc.In addition, different types of panels can also be selected according to needs, such as British, American, type 86, single, double, three, four mouth panels.


The general cabling project in the horizontal area of the residential area mainly consists of various cables.According to 570A standard, different wiring media are used for different applications.Category 3 and Category 5 unshielded twisted pair cables are used for the voice system, which can meet the ANSITIA/EIA standards. However, Category 5 cables are recommended.Why are category 5 cables recommended here?Five UTPs that meet the ANSITIA/EIA-586A standard are used for data transmission.When the communication bandwidth or anti-interference requirements are high, optical cable can be used as the transmission medium.The video signal transmission adopts 75ω coaxial cable conforming to SCTEEPS-SP-001. The coaxial cable does not need expensive adapter, which can meet the requirements of users for broadband and save the investment of users.


Residential management area cabling project is mainly composed of different series of installation modules.It is the wiring center of the system.Equipped with high-speed, high-quality cabling modules and cable jumpers, it can provide voice, data, security, image and video applications for different homes.All services are provided through a communication socket/panel connected to each room, while the distribution center can collect indoor and outdoor sound, data, image signals, and can simply connect with telephone, computer, fax machine, TV and other related equipment.

And for the family wiring center is generally in each floor corridor has a unified distribution box, the installation location can be based on the planning of the entire residential area and the external route in and out.Users can choose different specifications of cable distribution boxes and configure different functional modules according to the types and needs of households.


The main optional components of the wiring center include:

1. Module board: telephone module board, class 5 module board, 110 distribution frame, video distributor, monitoring and alarm module, etc.

2, jumper: class 5 jumper, coaxial video jumper;

Equipment: Ethernet hub and video amplifier.


For multi-storey residential buildings, in addition to the above work area, level area and management area, the lines of each residential unit shall be connected to the main area of the building management center and the supervisor area of the entire building line system.

The building uses a star topology, with UTP and 75 ω coaxial cable used.The level of cabling depends on the situation. Whichever level of scheme is used, the cabling box of the multimedia cabling system is required in the residential user. The cabling box within the home can be connected to the middle cabling box of the building and the main cabling frame of the residential area.According to the different integrated cabling planning of the community, you can choose 1-2 unshielded twisted-pair and 1-2 75ω coaxial cable into the home.The alternative main line routing scheme provides intermediate routing boxes for each staircase unit or building.


For the residential main line, an intermediate wiring can be set up in each building, and then the main wiring management center of the residential area can be connected through the main lines between the buildings.Optical fiber is usually recommended for data transmission, large-log UTP for voice transmission, and 75-ohm coaxial cable for video transmission.The main wiring is generally located in the residential property management center.According to different applications, copper cable connection frame, coaxial cable hybrid connection frame and optical cable connection frame can be selected.

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