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Optical fiber wiring system

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Optical fiber wiring system
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Optical fiber wiring


The optical fiber of integrated wiring is a general term for light guide, which is generally used for the subsystem of integrated wiring building group or vertical trunk line subsystem. It is composed of fine glass fiber filaments with a diameter of approximately 0.1 mm. Because of its wide transmission frequency band and large communication volume, especially not affected by interference signals, it is favored by the company’s local area network integrated wiring.


Fiber selection

1,Select based on performance test plan.

Optical fiber can be divided into single-mode (SMF) and multi-mode optical fiber (MMF) according to the transmission mode of light. The core diameter of the multimode optical fiber is 50 or 62.5μm, and the diameter of the insulating layer is 125μm, which is expressed as 50/125μm or 62.5/125μm.


2,Selected according to the specification level

Because traditional multi-mode optical fiber is only suitable for 10 Gigabit transmission for tens of meters, new optical transceivers selected for mutual cooperation with 10 Gigabit use, ISO/IEC 11801 has formulated a new multi-mode optical fiber specification level


3,Consider the selection from high cost performance

The working wavelength of the optical fiber includes medium and short wave 850nm, long wave 1310nm and 1550nm. Fiber loss generally decreases with the increase of optical wavelength, and the loss at 850nm is generally 2.5dB/km


4,Select according to the natural environment of the application

If the transmission distance is within 2km, multi-mode fiber can be selected, and wireless relay or single-mode fiber can be used for more than 2km. When using optical fiber used in housing construction, pay attention to its flame retardancy, toxicity and smoke characteristics.


Fiber optic cable laying


*What is guaranteed is that specialized technical personnel who have received rigorous learning and training should carry out the connection and maintenance of the optical fiber


*Must have a very complete design plan and engineering drawings to facilitate engineering construction and future inspections, convenient and reliable


*When the optical fiber is about to turn, the turning radius of the road should exceed 20 times the diameter of the optical fiber itself. When the optical fiber passes through the wall or the building, a plastic hose with a protective mouth must be added


*When optical fiber is used in the Internet, at least 6-core fiber optic cable must be used in each building wiring room, and it is best to use 12-core fiber optic cable for advanced applications.


*The most important thing for the long-distance fiber laying is to choose a suitable route.

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